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(Tyranno Base: Tar Pits #2)

The Monster Monitor Alert was going off alerting the Tyrannos and Lord Thanatos

"Monster Alert! Monster Alert!" Ankylo says

"Turn that blasted Monster Monitor off! My ears are going crazy!" Brachio says

"What are you doing, Plesio?" Genghis Rex asks

"Stop that!" Ankylo says

"The Monster Monitor never reacted so powerful before." Plesio says

"And what does that precisely indicate, Plesio?" Genghis Rex asks

"It means that the monitor has found a real live dinosaur." Plesio says


"Positive boss. This could be our first ally on our list." Plesio says

"Excellent. We must intercept this creature at once!" Genghis Rex says

"WHERE IS IT'S EXACT LOCATION?" Lord Thanatos asks

"It's located in the country the humans call Scotland." Plesio says

"We've never been to Scotland. Ankylo, go find out how we should dress. We leave as soon as you return." Genghis Rex says

"On my way." Ankylo says

(Dinosaucer Base: Lava Dome)

Devon, David, Sara, Paul, Ryan, Allo, Teryx, and Ichy were all watching the news

The news was that the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland has been discovered

"This just in: A legendary creature becomes a reality. New footage reveals the Loch Ness Monster."

"Do you really think they discovered the Loch Ness Monster?" Sara asks

"That's just a load of boloney." David says

"I don't know about that, David. After visiting your planet, I've come to the conclusion that anything is
possible." Allo says

"See wise guy? That probably is a real monster." Sara says

"It's not only real, Sara. But it's a female." Teryx says

"It's a girl monster?" Sara asks baffled

"And it's alot like Plesio's cousin." Teryx says

"You don't say." Devon says

"So what? I've got alot of cousins who are monsters too." David says

"That's no monster. That is a Elasmosaurus. Truly a cousin to the Plesiosaurus family." Ichy says

"The chances are that the Tyrannos and Lord Thanatos must already know about it. We got to get to Scotland before
they do." Allo says

"Then let's waste no more time. Let's go." Devon says

Allo, Teryx, Ichy, and Devon head toward the door

"Wait. We'll go too." David says

"No. We need you scouts to mind the Lava Dome. Devon has more experience in the field so that's why he's coming
with us. He will act as our backup in case things get dicy. If we get into any trouble, contact the other
Dinosaucers." Allo says


"I look ridiculous." Genghis Rex says

Genghis Rex, Brachio, Ankylo and Plesio all wore Scotish uniforms

Lord Thanatos however only wore a black cloak

"But bossasaurus according to my research, every male in Scotland wears a kilt." Ankylo says

"We should have kilt you for making us wear these silly things." Plesio says

"All I want to know is when do I get my claws on that Loch Ness Monster." Brachio says

"Not before Plesio attempts to win her over to our side." Genghis Rex says

"Uh yeah. Sure." Plesio says taking his leave

Plesio heads into the lake and swims into the water searching for the Loch Ness Monster

"I'm a little rusty when it comes to romance." Plesio says

Unknown to Plesio, underneath him swimming underwater was the Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster emerges from the water behind Plesio

Plesio turns and is startled

"Well hello gorgeous. Where have you been hidin' for the past 65 million years."

"You're the Loch Ness Monster." Plesio says

"Loch Ness. Yes. Monster no. Just call me Nessie."

"Just call me Plesio. Please."

"Pleased to meet you, Plesio please." Nessie says

"No. No. Just Plesio."

"Alright. Plesio. What brings you to Loch Ness?" Nessie asks

"I saw you on TV and I came here to charm you-uh-I mean meet you." Plesio says

"That's very nice. Have you ever been to the Lochs before?" Nessie asks

"No. But in Florida, I've visited the Keys." Plesio says

"Would you like me to show you around?" Nessie asks

"Why I'd like that very much." Plesio says

In the distance, Lord Thanatos, Genghis Rex, Brachio, and Ankylo observe the conversation


Nessie shows Plesio around the lake

They were soon having fun splashing each other with water and swimming in the lake

Plesio eyes a nearby tree with beautiful blossoms blooming on the branches

He takes the blossoms and creates a necklace for Nessie

Soon, Plesio became attracted to Nessie

He decided he would not let Lord Thanatos or Genghis Rex have Nessie

"Loch Ness is beautiful, Nessie. Almost as beautiful as you." Plesio says

"Oh, Plesio. You're so charming. You know, it can get kind of lonely here. I don't have many friends." Nessie says

Suddenly, 3 Seagulls fly toward Plesio and start flying around him

"Get away from me, you miserable birds! I'm a Dinosaur not a statue!" Plesio says

"Oh no. They are my only friends. Barry, Joe, and Shelby. They're Gulls who fly around the bay. Barry, Joe, Shelby,
show some respect. Plesio is my friend." Nessie says

The 3 Seagulls soon fly off

"I don't understand. They never acted like that before." Nessie says

"Those Gulls are for the birds. Forget about them, Nessie. Just think about us." Plesio says

Plesio and Nessie nuzzle each other

"I haven't felt this happy since the Cretacious Period." Nessie says

"I haven't been this happy period." Plesio says

Not far from Plesio and Nessie, Devon, Allo, Ichy, and Teryx arrive near the lake

Teryx perches herself up on a tree and spots Plesio and Nessie

"Plesio. Slithery slime. Allo, I found the Loch Ness Monster. Plesio's with her." Teryx says

"Ok, Teryx. Stay in position. I'll lure Plesio away while Devon and Ichy tries to warn it about Lord Thanatos and
the Tyrannos." Allo says

Allo was hiding behind a tree

Plesio spots Allo and notices him

"Hey. I think I saw one of those TV Reporters sneaking around over there. I'll go chase them away." Plesio says

"They're harmless." Nessie says

"But we're entitled to a little privacy, aren't we? Stay here." Plesio says

Plesio heads out of the water and into the forest

"Alright, Allo. I saw you. Show yourself, coward." Plesio says

"My, my. Aren't we touchy today." Allo says stepping out of the brush

"What are you doing here?" Plesio asks

"Come on. You don't really think the Dinosaucers would let you cause that poor monster to join the Tyrannos." Allo says

"You stay away from her, Allo! I'm warning you!" Plesio warns

"Give it up. Do you think she'll want have anything to do with you when she finds out why you're being so nice to
her?" Allo says

"No! I won't let you!" Plesio says

(At the lake)

Nessie hears Allo and Plesio wrestling

She was about to check it out when Devon and Ichy emerge from the water

"Wait!" Ichy says

"Eek! A monster! Get away from me!" Nessie says

"No! Wait! Listen to reason!" Devon says

"Why you're an intelligent Ichyasaurus and you're a young human. You must be friends of Plesio's." Nessie says

"We're no friend of Plesio. And he's certaintly no friend of yours." Ichy says

"Just what do you mean?" Nessie asks

"I mean that Plesio is a member of a race of evil dinosaurs called Tyrannos who are out to conquer my planet and
yours." Ichy says

"Well everyone has it's sorts ya know." Nessie says  

"And all he wants is to have you join the Tyrannos." Devon says

Nessie looks past Devon and Ichy and sees Plesio wrestling Allo on a cliffhead near the lake

"You must believe us. Plesio is not who you think he is. No matter what he says. He cannot be trusted." Devon says

She rushes toward the cliffhead

"Plesio, force your enemy to the bank of the Loch. I'll help ya." Nessie says

Plesio hears Nessie and drags Allo into the lake along with him

Ichy and Devon swim to Allo and knocks Plesio out of the water and onto shore

Nessie splashes water toward Devon, Allo, and Ichy creating a powerful tide that knocks them several feet away

Devon was sent further away from Allo and Ichy

"Nessie, you were wonderful. You helped me fight against the Dinosaucers." Plesio says

Allo and Ichy pull themselves out onto shore

"Meanwhile, say goodbye Allo and Ichy. It has been a long day battling Dinosaucers. Now comes fossilizing
time." Plesio says taking out his Fossilizer

Devon pulls himself onto shore and spots Allo and Ichy

Plesio fires his Fossilizer

The attack hits Allo and Ichy instantly turning them into stone

"Allo! Ichy!" Devon shouts

Teryx perches herself onto a nearby tree and notices Allo and Ichy turned to stone

"Oh no! Plesio has turned Allo and Ichy into statues!" Teryx says

The 3 Seagulls, Barry, Joe, and Shelby fly up to Teryx

"What do you want? Wait a minute. You're Nessie's friends. Of course. I speak many different languages. I know.
I don't like Plesio neither. Let's convince Nessie that Plesio's the bad dinosaur not us." Teryx says

Teryx, Barry, Joe, and Shelby fly toward Plesio and Nessie

"Now nothing can stand between us." Nessie says

"No. But something can fly between you. Namely me." Teryx says

Teryx flies between Nessie and Plesio

Barry, Joe, and Shelby fly toward Plesio

"Hey! Go away!" Plesio says

"Oh. Don't hurt them." Nessie says

"Hurt them? Tell them not to hurt me." Plesio says

Teryx flies in and grabs Plesio's Fossilizer

Then, Nessie grabs Teryx' tail

"Hey. Let go." Teryx says

"Not until you do. Give Plesio his weapon back." Nessie says

"It's over. Barry, Joe, and Shelby are telling Nessie the truth." Teryx says

Barry, Joe, and Shelby fly up to Nessie

"Barry, Joe, Shelby, how could you say such a thing. Plesio, tell me it isn't so." Nessie says

"It isn't so." Plesio says

Devon follows Teryx where she is confronting Nessie and Plesio


Nessie knocks the Fossilizer out of Teryx' grip

"Now, Plesio! Grab your Fossilizer!" Nessie says

Plesio catches his Fossilizer

"No! Nessie! Don't do this!" Teryx says

"That a girl, Nessie. I knew I could count on you. Any last words, birdlady?" Plesio says

"Lovely time." Teryx says

Teryx tries to fly off but Plesio fires his Fossilizer and hits Teryx turning her into stone

"NO!" Devon shouts


Devon instantly turns behind him and sees Lord Thanatos standing right behind him with his Dark Keyblade

Lord Thanatos swings his Dark Keyblade down on Devon

Devon blocks the attack with his Keyblade and the two Keyblade Wielder fight against each other

"Must you turn those evil dinosaurs into fossils, darling? Isn't there another way?" Nessie asks

"No. It's the only way we can spend the next 60 million years together without being hounded." Plesio says

"Aw. Isn't that the sweetest thing you have ever seen? I think i'm going to be sick." Brachio says

Standing on shore was Genghis Rex, Brachio, and Ankylo

"Genghis Rex! Not now! Go away!" Plesio says

This really surprised Genghis Rex, Brachio, and Ankylo

"Tell me I didn't hear Plesio just tell me Genghis Rex to go away."

"You didn't hear Plesio just tell you Genghis Rex to go away." Ankylo says

"Thank you, Ankylo. What would I do without you? But as for you, you slowpokasaurus. You had this chance to win
this monster over with your charm but since you apparently have no charm now, we will move on to Plan B." Genghis Rex says

"Your charm? Win me over?" Nessie says baffled

"No, Rex. Not Plan B. I won't let you." Plesio says pointing his Fossilizer toward his comrades

"Plesio, how dare you point a Fossilizer at our beloved Genghis Rex!" Ankylo says

"Put down your weapon, Plesio. Remember you're a Tyranno. Sworn to uphold the Tar Pits way." Genghis Rex says

"How could ya trick me and lie to me? I hate you. I hate you." Nessie says on the brink of tears

Having said that, Nessie swims away

"Sorry miss, but you're not going anywhere. Brachio, seize her!" Genghis Rex says

Brachio chases after Nessie in the water

"Come on you." Brachio says grabbing Nessie's long neck

"Get your claws off me!" Nessie says

"Happy to obliege providing you agree to join the Tyrannos in our battle against the Dinosaucers." Genghis Rex says

"I'd rather be a fossil!" Nessie says

"That can be arranged unless you'd surrender to me at once!" Genghis Rex says

"No! I don't care what happens to me anymore." Nessie says

"Very well." Genghis Rex says

Plesio manages to sneak away from the Tyrannos and comes up with a plan to help Nessie

"Reversing the polarity of my Fossilizer should help the Dinosaucers. It will ruin my career as a Tyranno but it's
Nessie's only chance." Plesio says

Plesio fires his Fossilizer at Allo, Ichy, and Teryx

Allo, Ichy, and Teryx revert back to normal

"This is your last chance, Loch Ness Monster. Will you join the Tyrannos?" Genghis Rex says

"Forget it you cold blooded carnivore!" Nessie says

"Then you have sealed your fate." Genghis Rex says pulling out his Fossilizer

Nessie tries to swim away but Brachio grabs Nessie's tail

Genghis Rex was just about to fire his Fossilizer on Nessie when Plesio knocks into Genghis Rex causing his
Fossilizer to hit Ankylo

"Clumsy Oafatops! Now look at what you made me do!" Genghis Rex says

"Sorry. I'll go help Ankylo." Plesio says

As Plesio walks toward Ankylo, he pretendingly trips and knocks into Brachio

Brachio loses his grip on Nessie's tail

Using this opportunity, Nessie swims away

"She's making a break for it! Capture her!" Genghis Rex says

"Hey! Get your claws off me!" Brachio says

"Stop clowning around! Get her!" Genghis Rex says

"The only thing that is going to be captured today is a pack of Tyrannos, Rex." Allo says standing alongside Ichy
and Teryx

"The Dinosaucers! It can't be! You were all fossilized into rock!" Genghis Rex says

"The only rocks around here are the ones in your brain, Fang-face." Ichy says

"Tyrannos! Attack!" Genghis Rex says charging toward Allo and throwing a punch

Allo blocks the attack

"Where did you learn to fight like humans, Rex?" Allo asks

"By watching video cassettes of some mammal called Rocky." Genghis Rex says

"You freed the Dinosaucers Plesio and they're defeating your friends." Nessie says

"Yes. Isn't it glorious?" Plesio says

"But what will Genghis Rex do to you?" Nessie asks

"To me? The Clown Prince of Cunning? He doesn't even realize I freed the Dinosaucers." Plesio says

"Oh no. I lost my Fossilizer. I'll have to free Ankylo back at the Tar Pits." Genghis Rex says

Genghis Rex turns toward Plesio

"Plesio, let the creature go and meet us at the spaceship. I'll deal with you later." Genghis Rex says

Up on the cliffhead, Devon and Lord Thanatos engaged in a fierce battle

Devon was weakened while Lord Thanatos was hardly tired at all

Devon was losing while Lord Thanatos was winning

Both swinged their Keyblades with powerful force followed by lightning speed

Their strikes sent up a shower of sparks as they fought

Both sides fought and stood their ground continuously

Devon twirls and swings his Keyblade at Lord Thanatos

Lord Thanatos blocks Devon's attack

A sudden strike from Lord Thanatos' Keyblade changed the tide of battle to his side

Devon suffers multiple blows from Lord Thanatos' attacks

He tries to defend himself but Lord Thanatos knocks Devon's Keyblade away

Lord Thanatos strikes Devon multiple times with his Keyblade to ensure he was weakened

Devon in knocked back by Lord Thanatos' attacks

Devon slowly staggers to his feet

Lord Thanatos slams his dark Keyblade hard into Devon's stomach

Devon is knocked back flying by the immense power of Lord Thanatos' attack and slides across the ground

Lord Thanatos walks toward the weakened Devon

Again, Devon slowly staggers to his feet

Lord Thanatos walks over to Devon and grabs his throat

His grip tightened on Devon's throat choking him

Devon was having a hard time breathing with Lord Thanatos choking him to death

Lord Thanatos drags Devon over to the edge of the cliffhead and holds him high off the ground

Allo, Ichy, Teryx, Plesio, and Nessie all notice Lord Thanatos and Devon up on the cliffhead

They were shocked to see Lord Thanatos prevail victorious

Lord Thanatos throws Devon off the cliffhead

Devon falls off from the cliffhead and into the lake

Nessie dives after Devon

Devon slowly sinks toward the bottom of the lake

Nessie swims in after Devon and grabs him on her back

She emerges from the water with Devon unconscious on her back

Lord Thanatos notice Genghis Rex, Brachio, and Ankylo fleeing from the area

He sneers at the Tyrannos and turns his gaze toward Devon, Allo, Ichy, Teryx, Plesio and Nessie


A Portal of Darkness opens behind Lord Thanatos

Lord Thanatos enters the portal

The Portal of Darkness closes

(Later that night)

Plesio met up with Nessie

"I have to go, Nessie." Plesio says

"Plesio, what about us?" Nessie asks

"We always have Loch Ness. But i'm still a Tyranno." Plesio says

"It's not fair. I want to go with you." Nessie says '

"I know you want to come with me but if you do, you'll regret it for the rest of your life." Plesio says

The Tyranno ships began to take off

"Goodbye, Nessie." Plesio says

"Goodbye, Plesio." Nessie says

Plesio heads onto the ship and the Tyrannos head back to the Tar Pits

Nessie watches as Plesio and the Tyrannos fly away

Her blossom necklace breaks apart and lands on the water

Allo and Ichy head back to their ships

Devon limps toward Nessie

He falls on one knee

Teryx helps him back up and helps him walk

"I never got the chance to thank you for before. Thank you for saving me." Devon says

"It was nothing, laddie. I couldn't just stand by and let you drown." Nessie says

"Why don't you come with us and become a Dinosaucer?" Teryx asks

"No. Thanks. My place is here. Maybe in another billion years or so." Nessie says

"Well, let's keep in touch." Devon says

"I'd like that." Nessie says

"I understand that you feel lonely here but you are not the only one. I was once lonely. Much more alone than
you could possibly imagine. But that was before I had the Keyblade. Now I have lots of friends and now Nessie
you're my friend too." Devon says

"Thank you, Devon. That means alot." Nessie says

"Nessie, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship." Devon says

The stars shined ever more brightly that night



Lord Thanatos eyes and Heartstone glowed red through the darkness
Devon, Allo, Teryx, and Ichy are sent to Scotland to protect the Loch Ness Monster named Nessie. Lord Thanatos and the Tyrannos are also after Nessie to have them join their cause. But Plesio has other plans and offers to help Devon and the Dinosaucers protect Nessie.
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xXAMemetic-EngineBXx Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2013  Student General Artist
Wow so sweet and so emotional, :cries:, Nessie and Plesio still loves each other no matter how far they are. True love, my friend, true love.

*sniffs and clears eyes*

Well, the ending seems so mysterious, what will Lord Thanatos do now? What is the Heartstone?
dragonluvuh Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013
A Heartstone in the Bionicle Universe is a life source or heart of a Bionicle. Generally, Makuta Teridax had one, Roodaka had Makuta's Heartstone, and now
Lord Thanatos has one of his own. It's basically the source of Lord Thanatos' infinite power.
xXAMemetic-EngineBXx Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Oh snap. That means in the next chapter the real danger gets unleashed? Right?
dragonluvuh Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013
EXACTLY. :evileyes:
xXAMemetic-EngineBXx Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Student General Artist
And the next chapter is when four Tyrannos turn good, yes?
dragonluvuh Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013
I suppose so. I'll see what I can do.
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