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(Dinosaucer Base: Lava Dome)

Devon and the Dinosaucers get together for a meeting

They had heard news about Pteranadon eggs discovered in Antartica

"According to the news, Dr. Camron's theory was right. She's discovered Pteranadon eggs in the Antartic. You know
what this means." Allo says

"Rex and Lord Thanatos would want them." Devon says

"But if the eggs were damaged if Camron thaws them out, I can't see that it matters if Rex steals them." Dimetro says

"But if they're not damaged, we can't let Rex or Lord Thanatos get their claws on them." Allo says

"How can we tell if they're damaged or not?" Teryx asks

Dimetro pulls out a Dinosaucer Gadget

"I've been working on this Aurasaurus Meter back in the Saurian Studies back on Reptilon. It picks up light
readings if there are any to pick up." Dimetro says

(Tyranno Base: Tar Pits #2)

As the Dinosaucers got word of the Pteranadon eggs, so did Lord Thanatos and the Tyrannos

Lord Thanatos was with Genghis Rex, Quackpot, and Ankylo discussing the news concerning the Pteranadon eggs

"I must have those Pteranadon eggs." Genghis Rex says

"Eggs? Yes sir, bossasaur. Coming right up." Ankylo says

Ankylo heads off


Ankylo soon returns with 2 small eggs

"Here, bossasaur. I got the eggs you wanted." Ankylo says

"Those are chicken eggs you fossilhead!" Genghis Rex says

"Hardboiled too." Ankylo says

"SIMPILTONS." Lord Thanatos sighs

(Secret Scouts Base)

"So would you like to visit Australia?" Allo asks

"Has this anything to do with the Pteranadon eggs that Dr. Cameron found in Antartica?" Sara asks

"That's right. We need to have a look at those eggs to see if they're hatchable before Rex and Lord Thanatos gets
to them. Trouble is they're being kept at a University in Sidney, Australia. So we're going to need your help in
getting them without being seen." Allo says

"Well we'll be sure glad to help." David says

"I can't wait. Let's go." Sara says

(Tar Pits #2)

Genghis Rex and Lord Thanatos met up with Ankylo and Quackpot to discuss their plan

"It's really very simple. All you have to do is go to Sidney, Australia, get the Pteranadon eggs, and bring them
back here. Alright?" Genghis Rex says

"Sure. I can do that." Ankylo says

"You better not make any mistakes. Either of you. If these eggs are hatchable, I want them in one piece." Genghis Rex says

"But why?" Ankylo says

Terrible Dactyl was hiding behind some machinery listening in to the conversation

"Pteranadon eggs. Pteranadons are cousins of mine." Terrible Dactyl says

"We could train them as spies and for brainless Ankylo, you seem to get on ok. Well? Go on! Scramble!" Genghis Rex says

Ankylo and Quackpot take their leave

Terrible Dactyl approaches Lord Thanatos and Genghis Rex

"You're not going to let those stone brains stomp around Sidney alone are you?" Terrible Dactyl says

"I suppose this means you want to go too?" Genghis Rex says

"YOU COULD BE USEFUL." Lord Thanatos says

"If there are Pteranadon eggs, at least I know exactly what we're looking for." Terrible Dactyl says

"Well alright. But me and Lord Thanatos will be coming later and there better not be any foul ups." Genghis Rex says

(Sidney, Australia)

Devon, Allo, Dimetro, Teryx, Sara, and David arrive in Sidney in a forest near the University where the Pteranadon
eggs were kept

"Wow. The lands of Kangaroos and Koalas. We're really in Australia." David says

"They're holding the eggs in the Veterinary Science Building. Teryx, you better fly over and see if you cand find
it." Allo says

Teryx flies off into the air

"Just what is this Veterinary Science?" Dimetro asks

"It's the study of animals and how to keep them healthy." Sara says

"Animals? They have the Pteranadon eggs with animals?" Dimetro says baffled

"Well...yes...people who don't know about dinosaucers don't know any better." Sara says

Teryx flies back to the group

"Teryx is back." Devon says

"I found the building. Follow me." Teryx says

Devon, Allo, Dimetro, Sara, and David follow Teryx as she leads them to the Veterinary Science Building

Not far from the Dinosaucer landing site, the Tyrannos: Terrible Dactyl, Quackpot, and Ankylo soon arrive and

"Dinosaucers. I should have known they would be here." Terrible Dactyl says

"Dinosaucers. What'll we do?" Ankylo says

"We'll just have to find the Pteranadon eggs before Devon and the Dinosaucers do. Let's go." Terrible Dactyl says

Devon, Allo, Dimetro, Teryx, Sara, and David arrive at the Veterinary Science Building

"This is the Veterinary Science Building but the door has an alarm on it." Teryx says

Teryx turns around and notices a control box suspended high up on the building side out of reach

"There's the Control Box. I can see it up there. We must activate it by remote control." Teryx says

"We don't have a remote control." Sara says

"Well how do we turn off the alarms?" David asks

"I can fly up there." Teryx says

"And you can turn off the alarm with this. It's a Skeleton Key." Dimetro says pulling out digital key

Teryx takes the Skeleton Key and flies up to the Control Box

She inserts the Key into the Control Box shutting down the alarm

The alarms were now shut off

Teryx flies back down to the group

"Teryx, could I see that Skeleton Key?" Sara asks

"Ok but don't lose it. We'll need it to turn the alarms back on." Teryx says

Devon, Allo, Dimetro, Teryx, Sara, and David enter the building

They search the rooms for the Pteranadon eggs

They soon reach a room where multiple machinery equipment was stored

Sitting in the middle of the room on a table was a box

Devon, Allo, Dimetro, Teryx, Sara, and David approach the box

"Here they are. Look." Dimetro says opening the box

Inside was the Pteranadon eggs

The box that the Pteranadon eggs were kept had heaters on each side to keep the eggs warm acting as an Incubator

Inside was 8 Pteranadon eggs

"There are so many." David says

"Are they hatchable?" Devon asks

"Let's find out." Dimetro says

Dimetro was about to use his Aurasaurus Meter when the group hears loud noises outside

"What was that?" Devon asks

(Outside the Veterinary Science Building)

Terrible Dactyl, Ankylo, and Quackpot were all hiding outside the building

"Would you be quiet!" Terrible Dactyl says

An idea pops into Terrible Dactyl's head

"On second thought, don't be quiet. Ankylo, you and Quackpot wait here and try not to get caught. Create a
diversion." Terrible Dactyl says

Having said that, Terrible Dactyl flies off

"What's a diversion?" Ankylo asks

"I don't know. Let's just make alot of noise instead." Quackpot says

Ankylo and Quackpot began jumping around and banging on the doors

(Inside the Veterinary Science Building)

Devon, Allo, Dimetro, Teryx, Sara, and David all hear the noises outside

"Seems like we got uninvited guests." Devon says

"Teryx, Dimetro, Devon, you better see what's going on outside. Sara, David, go with them. I'll keep watch over
the eggs." Allo says

"Right." Devon says

Devon, Dimetro, Teryx, Sara, and David all head outside

(Outside the Veterinary Science Building)

Ankylo and Quackpot soon hear Devon, Dimetro, Teryx, Sara, and David approaching and hide

Having distracted Devon, Dimetro, Teryx, Sara, and David, Ankylo and Quackpot sneak into the building

As they enter the building, the door shuts and the security system activates

Devon, Dimetro, Teryx, Sara, and David turn around toward the door

"Who closed the door?" Sara asks

"The security system's back on. We can't get inside. Allo's still in there." Devon says

(Inside the Veterinary Science Building)

Allo was keeping watch over the eggs when he hears Quackpot and Ankylo

"Knock. Knock."

"Who's there?" Allo asks


"Allosaurus who?" Allo asks closing the Incubator for the Pteranadon eggs

"Allosaurus come here but he won't see us leave." Quackpot says entering the room

Ankylo enters the room alongside Quackpot

"Very funny. You'll still have to get over me to get these eggs." Allo says

"Well my Sleepasaurus Squirter should make that real easy." Quackpot says taking out his weapon

Quackpot fires the weapon spraying sleeping gas toward Allo

Allo inhales the gas and falls unconscious

Quackpot and Ankylo grabs the eggs and burst out of the building knocking Devon, Dimetro, Teryx, Sara, and David
off their feet

The alarm sounds off

The Skeleton Key flies out of Sara's pocket and onto the ground

"It's Quackpot and Ankylo. They got the eggs!" Devon says

"We've got to get them back." Dimetro says

"You go on ahead. We got to turn off the alarm before anyone sees Allo." David says

Devon, Teryx, and Dimetro chase after Quackpot and Dimetro

"Where's the Skeleton Key?" David asks

"I don't know. It must've fallen out of my pocket when I tripped. We've got to find it." Sara says

Terrible Dactyl saw everything perched up on a nearby tree

"If the human scientists come, I shall never be able to see that my little cousins are cared for
properly." Terrible Dactyl says

Terrible Dactyl flies off into the air

He spots the Skeleton Key that Sara dropped and grabs it

He flies toward Sara and David, drops it infront of them and flies off

"Hey! The Skeleton Key!" Sara says

"That was Terrible Dactyl. Why is he helping us?" David asks

"Who cares. We've got to help Allo." Sara says

Quackpot and Ankylo saw Terrible Dactyl's actions and were baffled

"Terrible Dactyl! That Traitorsaurus!" Quackpot says

"Never mind that. Let's get these eggs back to the shuttle." Ankylo says

"The alarm is still sounding! Hurry!"

The voice belonged to Dr. Cameron

She was followed by 3 scientists as she rushed toward the Veterinary Science Building

Dr. Cameron pulls out a remote control and shuts off the alarms

"Inside! Hurry!" Dr. Cameron says

(Inside the Veterinary Science Building)

Sara and David discover Allo lying unconscious on the ground

"Allo! Wake up!" Sara says

"We got to hide Allo. I heard voices behind us." David says

"You two check upstairs. I'll see about the Incubator." Dr. Cameron says

(Back outside)

"C'mon! We got to get these eggs to the ship!" Quackpot says

"Going somewhere?" Devon says

Quackpot and Ankylo stop infront of Devon who had his arms crossed

They soon head in the opposite direction

"Oh no you don't." Quackpot says

"Oh yes I do." Devon says jumping toward Quackpot and Ankylo

Devon manages to grab the Incubator

Teryx swoops down toward Devon

Devon jumps onto Teryx' back

Teryx flies back into the air with Devon on her back

"Sorry! Gotta fly!" Devon says

Terrible Dactyl flies in, grabs the Incubator, and flies off

(Inside the Veterinary Science Building)

David and Sara covers Allo in a sheet

Dr. Cameron enters the room and finds David and Sara

"What's going on here?" Dr. Cameron asks

"Someone stolen the Pteranadon eggs!" Sara says

"They went that way!" David says

"Oh no! You stay here and i'll deal with you later." Dr. Cameron says and rushes out of the room

Allo soon regains consciousness

"Allo, are you alright?" Sara says

"Yes. And the eggs?" Allo says

"Quackpot has them. Dr. Cameron nearly had you." David says

"We've got to get those eggs back." Allo says

"Allo, Terrible Dactyl has the Pteranadon eggs." Teryx says

"And that's not all of the bad news. Look!" Dimetro says

In the distance, Genghis Rex' ship arrives

Standing ontop of the ship was Lord Thanatos

Lord Thanatos and Genghis Rex land and step off the ship

They notice Quackpot and Ankylo chasing Terrible Dactyl

"Come back here! You Theifasaurus!" Quackpot says

Devon, Allo, Dimetro, Teryx, Sara, and David all chase after Terrible Dactyl


"I think he went this way." Devon says

Devon, Allo, Dimetro, Teryx, Sara, and David soon encounter Lord Thanatos, Genghis Rex, Quackpot, and Ankylo

"Give us those Pteranadon eggs!" Devon says

"Never! We need them!" Genghis Rex says

"For what? Slaves?" Sara asks

"Well? What are you going to do with them?" Genghis Rex says

"Take them back to Reptilon and put them in Nursery school where they'll have a chance to learn." Allo says

Terrible Dactyl was perched onto a tree with the Incubator just above the group and heard the conversation

"A Nursery School. Wouldn't you like that, little cousins?" Terrible Dactyl says


"Look!" David says

Terrible Dactyl flies overhead toward the Veterinary Science Building

"After him, I want those eggs!" Genghis Rex says

"No such luck, Rex. Go Teryx!" Allo says

Teryx flies after Terrible Dactyl

Quackpot takes out his Sleepasaurus Squirter

"Luck is what you make, Dinosaucer." Quackpot says

Quackpot fires the weapon spraying sleeping gas toward Devon, Allo, Dimetro, Sara, and David

Devon draws his Keyblade

"Aero!" Devon intones

Devon swings his Keyblade creating powerful gusts of wind blowing the gas back toward Lord Thanatos, Genghis Rex,
Quackpot, and Ankylo

"And looks like yours just ran out." Devon says

Genghis Rex, Quackpot, and Ankylo inhale the gas and fall unconscious

Lord Thanatos was left unaffected to the gas

He chuckles in a deep, dark, demonic tone


A dark portal opens behind Lord Thanatos

Lord Thanatos turns and enters the portal chuckling in a deep, dark, demonic tone

The dark portal soon closes

"We better go and see just how Teryx is doing." Allo says

(Inside the Veterinary Science Building)

Terrible Dactyl was looking over the Pteranadon eggs

"You will be well cared for on Reptilon, little ones. Devon and the Dinosaucers will see to it that you get there
safely." Terrible Dactyl says

Teryx steps into the room

"Give me the eggs, Terrible Dactly." Teryx says

"If you promise that they will be taken to Reptilon and put into Nursery School." Terrible Dactly says

Devon, Allo, Dimetro, Sara, and David enter the room

"We promise, Terrible Dactyl." Devon says

"If any of the eggs are hatchable." Allo says

Dimetro takes out his Aurasaurus Meter and scans the eggs

7 of the eggs had positive readings

One of them wasn't so fortunate

"Well 7 of the little critters are hatchable but i'm not sure about the last one." Dimetro says

"Maybe all it needs is some tender love and care." Sara says

Devon grabs hold of the egg and hands it to Terrible Dactyl

"Here, Terrible Dactyl." Devon says

"You'd better get used to being an Uncleasaurus." Allo says

Terrible Dactyl holds the egg in his claws

The egg soon begins to shake and hatches

Out of the egg hatches a cute baby Pteranadon

The baby Pteranadon chirps and squeaks

"Aw." Devon, Allo, Dimetro, Teryx, Sara, and David say in unison

"It's beautiful." Teryx says

"Terrible Dactyl, it thinks you're it's mother." Sara says

"Nonsense." Terrible Dactyl says

Terrible Dactyl starts walking toward the door

He looks back toward Devon, Allo, Dimetro, Teryx, Sara, and David

"And thank you all." Terrible Dactyl says

Having said that, Terrible Dactyl takes his leave

Soon, the other Pteranadon eggs in the Incubator begin to hatch

They too begin to chirp and squeak

"We better get these babies back to Lava Dome before we're discovered." Allo says

"Right." Devon says

(Back outside)

Genghis Rex, Quackpot, and Ankylo regain consciousness

"You maranadons! You let Allo and his friends get the eggs!" Genghis Rex says

"Me? But it was Terrible Dactyl." Ankylo says

"You gonna punish Terrible Dactyl, Rex?" Quackpot asks

"No. I don't think so. After all, a Pterodactyl's gotta do what a Pterodactyl's gotta do." Genghis Rex says

Terrible Dactyl soars across the night sky holding onto the baby Pteranadon

"I will take you to Reptilon, little cousin. In a while." Terrible Dactly says
Devon and the Dinosaucers learn about the discovery of Pteranadon eggs. But they aren't the only ones who heard about the eggs. Lord Thanatos and Genghis Rex have special plans for the eggs. But Terrible Dactyl has other plans for the Pteranadon eggs and helps Devon and the Dinosaucers protect the Pteranadon eggs from the clutches of Lord Thanatos and the Tyrannos.
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xXAMemetic-EngineBXx Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Awww, I had a strange feeling you are going to let it feel like in the cartoon. :(
dragonluvuh Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013
I wouldn't jump to conclusions. I'm just about done with my Kingdom Hearts/Dinosaucers crossover. I only have 2 parts left. Givertake 3. I know you'd like Terrible Dactyl to join Devon and the Dinosaucers but you'll just have to wait and see.
xXAMemetic-EngineBXx Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Yeah for episode 23 is the episode where he would become good. I always find the scene when Terrible Dactyl thanks them and walks off with Allo doing nothing at all.

Its like Allo was acting all slow-mo at saying nothing at all, or the dumb creators of Dinosaucers didn't want him to say anything to let Terrible Dactyl join the Dinosaucers for it would ruin the series. Ruin my butt, if Terrible Dactyl joins the Dinosaucers nothing bad will happen.

Anyways, so...two or three episodes from now, I'll see Terrible Dactyl join the Dinosaucers, correct?
dragonluvuh Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013
I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise.
xXAMemetic-EngineBXx Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Student General Artist
Will Quackpot, Brachio and Plesio also join the Dinosaucers and Devon like Terrible Dactyl?
dragonluvuh Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
Like I said, I don't want to ruin the surprise. You'll just have to wait and see. :greetings:
xXAMemetic-EngineBXx Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Student General Artist
Oh okay. :)
xXAMemetic-EngineBXx Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Oh okay.
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