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(In the woods not far from the Dinosaucer Base: Lava Dome)

Devon, Sara, Paul, Dimetro, Bronto Thunder, Stego, Bonehead, Ichy, and Teryx were all out on a fun little trip

The weather was cold and freezing

Devon, Sara, and Paul were all dressed in warm clothes

Dimetro, Bronto Thunder, Stego, Bonehead, Ichy, and Teryx were not really used to the cold climate

Paul, Dimetro, Bonehead, and Teryx were gathering some wood

Sara was talking with Devon, Stego and Ichy about the Dinosaurs

"The dinosaurs ruled the Earth until about 65 million years ago when the Earth's climate changed. No one is sure
of the cause but it seems likely that the cold weather and terrible snows brought an end to the mighty
dinosaurs." Sara says reading a book about dinosaurs

"I thought this story was going to have a happy ending." Stego says

"Well it does. You're here." Sara says

"I just wish we would know what made all those dinosaurs vanish like that." Stego says

"It's one of the great mysteries of science, stego." Sara says

"Well, I believe the cold weather did it. On Reptilon, it's always been warm." Ichy says

Then, a cold breeze blows in the wind making the Dinosaucers shake and shiver

"But not like this." Bronto Thunder says

"Hey guys! How about helping us collect some wood before the snow comes in." Paul says

"Before it comes?" Sara says

Suddenly, it starts snowing

"Open your eyes, Paul. It's here now." Sara says

"Snow? You mean what made the dinosaurs vanish?" Bronto Thunder says

"I don't like this." Bonehead says

"This is too cold." Bronto Thunder says

"I can't stay up here." Teryx says

"C'mon guys. It's just snow." Paul says

"Not to us." Dimetro says


Genghis Rex and Brachio were standing outside in the cold climate when suddenly...

"Tyranno Alert! The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" Ankylo says running around in circles

"I'm turning all white and cold. What is this stuff?" Brachio asks

"Calm down. Apparently, it is some kind of bizarre Earth weather phenomenon." Genghis Rex says

"It's making me feel so tired and slow." Ankylo says

"This is what wiped out our dinosaur cousins on this planet, isn't it?" Brachio asks

"Them maybe. But it won't wipe out the Tyrannos. We'll seize the power source of this Hydro Electric Plant on
Ski Lift Mountain that Lord Thanatos informed us about. We can use it to keep the Tar Pits warm til this freeze
is over." Genghis Rex says

"Speaking of Lord Thanatos, why didn't he come out with us?" Brachio says

"He said he needed to stay behind at the Tar Pits to regain his strength and powers after our previous encounter with
Devon and the Dinosaucers. Having Lord Thanatos to stay behind to regain his powers, this Devon must be a worthy
opponent. But Lord Thanatos has proven to be much more powerful than Devon. Far more powerful unlike anything I have ever seen." Genghis Rex says

"But how do we get around Devon and the Dinosaucers?" Ankylo asks

"Let's find out from our spy in the sky." Genghis Rex says pulling out a hand-held radio

"Genghis Rex calling the Terrible Dactyl."

In the skies above, Terrible Dactyl was soaring across the skies in the snowy weather

"Terrible Dactyl reporting in. I am flying over the woods near Lava Dome."


Terrible Dactyl sees Sara and Paul running around with Stego and Bonehead

"They're running around like lost hatchlings." Terrible Dactyl says

"Excellent. Then, now is the time for us to strike." Genghis Rex says

"I can't stay airborne. These flight flakes are forcing me down. You won't be able to fly in your ships
either." Terrible Dactyl says

"No problem. Just meet us at the base of Ski Lift Mountain and we'll all proceed on foot." Genghis Rex says

(Back in the woods)

"Snap out of it, you guys. Snow can be lots of fun." Paul says

"Oh yeah? Then, how come I am turning more blue than usual." Ichy says

"Stego, you'll keep warm if you move around." Sara says

Stego doesn't respond

It turns out he was frozen solid

"Stego? Stego?" Sara says

"Don't bother, Sara. He can't move or talk." Bonehead says

"What happened to him?" Sara asks

"Looks like he's frozen solid." Devon says

"It's the water. When it sticks to his armor plating, he freezes up." Bonehead says

"Wow. What do you call that?" Sara asks

"Stegosaurus." Bonehead says

"I should've known." Sara says

"Maybe we should get them some winter clothes. This way, they'll stay warm." Devon says

"Great idea!" Paul says

(Few minutes later)

Devon, Paul, Sara, Dimetro, Bronto Thunder, Stego, Bonehead, Ichy, and Teryx all met up in a frozen tundra

Devon, Paul, and Sara were able to get the Dinosaucers some warm winter clothers

"There. Now is everyone ready to have some winter fun?" Sara says

"Fun? I can't even move." Bonehead says

"When we get to Ski Lift Mountain, you'll definitely move. On these skis, everyone moves fast." Paul says


Bonehead started skiing down the snow but wasn't quite good at it and wound up crashing often

Paul and Dimetro tried Sled Riding

"You sure you got this down, Dimetro? You just jump on the sled and slide down on your belly." Paul says

"Hey. Who do you think you're dealing with? I'm a space pilot. You think I can't steer a sled?" Dimetro says

"Alright then. Follow me." Paul says

Paul slides down the snow with Dimetro following him

Paul and Dimetro slide down the snow

As Dimetro slides down the snow, the snow gets ontop of him and Dimetro rolls down the snow in a large snowball

Paul and Dimetro soon slide to a stop

"Nice ride." Paul says

Dimetro pops his head out of the snowball

"I planned it that way." Dimetro says

"Sure you did. I wonder what Bronto Thunder and Stego are doing on the ice." Paul says

"They're Dinosaucers. I'm sure they're doing just as well as I did on your slide." Dimetro says

(Near a frozen lake)

Sara, Bronto Thunder and Stego were all ice-skating

Sara tried to help Bronto Thunder with his ice-skating

"I can see standing in the water but not on it." Bronto Thunder says

"Trust me." Sara says

"This won't work. I know it. I'm too heavy. I'm gonna sink as soon as I step out on this lake." Bronto Thunder says

"Bronto Thunder, this ice is really thick. Just distribute your weight when you skate." Sara says

"Well here goes nothing." Bronto Thunder says

Sara helps Bronto Thunder onto the ice

As soon as Bronto Thunder steps onto the ice, the ice begins to crack underneath him

In that moment, Bronto Thunder was caught in the ice

Stego on the other hand had no problem skating on the ice

"Nothing is right." Stego says

"Easy for you to say, show off!" Bronto Thunder says

Stego began showing off some ice-skating tricks that Sara taught him

Suddenly, he slips and lands on his back with his plates dug into the ice

Stego tries to get up onto his feet but he was stuck into place on the ice

"Let's face it. Some of us have it and some of us don't." Stego says

"Nice going you show off." Bronto Thunder laughs

"Hey. Cut it out and give me a claw you two." Stego says

"Ok. C'mon, Bronto Thunder. Let's go help Stego up." Sara says

Sara and Bronto Thunder skate toward Stego

Bronto Thunder was actually ice-skating

"Bronto Thunder! You're doing it! You're really ice-skating!" Sara says

"I'm doing it! This is really fun!" Bronto Thunder says

"If you think this is fun, wait until we show you all about snowballs." Sara says

"Snowballs? What are Snowballs?" Bronto Thunder asks

Bronto Thunder soon got his answer when a Snowball hits him in the back of his head

The Snowball was thrown by Paul

"That's a Snowball." Paul says

"Paul, watch out!" Sara says

Paul turns around and sees Ichy holding a large snowball over him

Ichy drops the snowball ontop of Paul

"Does this one count?" Ichy asks

"I guess so." Paul says

"Ichy, pick on someone your own size." Teryx says

"Like me." Dimetro says

Soon, Snowballs were thrown about

Devon steps forward with his Keyblade

All eyes turn toward Devon

"C'mon. Give me all you got!" Devon says taunting Paul, Ichy, Dimetro, and Teryx

Paul, Ichy, Dimetro, and Teryx make several snowballs and throws them at Devon

Devon blocks the snowballs twirling his Keyblade

"There's no stopping them now." Stego says

Another Snowball hits Bronto Thunder's head

"Ok. That's the treat that broke the Chasmosaur's back." Bronto Thunder says

Bronto Thunder makes a large snowball and moves toward Devon, Paul, Ichy, Dimetro, and Teryx

Paul and Ichy turn and back away from Bronto Thunder

"Whoa! Bronto Thunder!" Paul says surprised

"Everybody's throwing snowballs huh? Then, maybe I should throw one too." Bronto Thunder says

Bronto Thunder drops the massive snowball on Devon, Paul, Ichy, Dimetro, and Teryx

"Uh-oh." Paul says

Sara covers her eyes

The massive snowball burys Devon, Paul, Ichy, Dimetro, and Teryx

"Sheesh. What a dinosore head." Paul says

Bronto Thunder laughed

"Someone get the license number on that ultrasaur." Teryx jokes


Genghis Rex, Ankylo, and Brachio were all traveling on foot through the cold weather

"We're nearing the Hydro Electric Plant on Ski Mountain. This way, Tyrannos!" Genghis Rex says

"Which way? The snow is so thick, I can't see the snow on my nose." Ankylo says

"Perhaps Terrible Dactyl has a better view from above." Genghis Rex says

"Genghis Rex to Terrible Dactyl. What is your status? Is this snow weighing you down too much?"

Genghis Rex soon got his answer when Terrible Dactyl crashes into the snow

"Well. Yeah."

"Well, we can't be too far from the Hydro Electric Plant. Brachio, guide your ship on remote control and have it
lower the all-terrain vehicles." Genghis Rex says

"You got it, bossasaur. Here comes our chomping stomping dinomatics." Brachio says

Brachio presses a button on his belt

Brachio's ship arrives and lowers down to Genghis Rex, Ankylo, Terrible Dactyl and Brachio

"These Dinomatics are not available anywhere here on Earth. they chomp through ice, steel, coal and even plow
through pesky Dinosaucers." Brachio says

"Mount up you two. We got no time to lose." Genghis Rex says to Brachio and Ankylo

"Yes sir!"

Brachio and Ankylo mount their Dinomatics

Genghis Rex mounts his Dinomatic

"Terrible Dactyl requesting permission to come aboard." Terrible Dactyl says

"Granted." Genghis Rex says

Terrible Dactyl mounts Genghis Rex' Dinomatic sitting perched on the front of the vehicle

"Ok, gentlemen. Start your engines. We'll soon seize the Hydro Electric Plant. And if any Dinosaucers get in the
way, so much the better. Forward!" Genghis Rex says

Having said that, Genghis Rex, Ankylo, Brachio, and Terrible Dactyl were on their way


Paul and Ichy were both Skiing

"Ok, Ichy. Let's see if you can do better than Dimetro." Paul says

"But this snow is so thick. I can't see a thing." Ichy says

"Just follow me." Paul says

Paul heads down the snow on his skis

"This is just like lava skiing back home!" Ichy says

"Just be sure you don't run into any-"

Paul suddenly sees Genghis Rex, Ankylo, Terrible Dactyl, and Brachio

"Giant Dinosaur bikes?!" Paul says

"It's the Tyrannos!" Ichy says

Ichy and Paul crash in the snow distracted by the Tyrannos

Genghis Rex, Ankylo, Terrible Dactyl, and Brachio stop and approach Ichy and Paul

"Genghis Rex!" Ichy says

"What are you doing up here?" Paul asks

"We're taking over the Hydro Electric Power Plant. But that information will do you no good. Because one shot
from my Fossilizer will turn you two into stone fossils." Genghis Rex says

Genghis Rex pulls out his Fossilizer and points it toward Ichy and Paul

"No!" Ichy shouts

Ichy charges toward Genghis Rex

Genghis Rex fires his Fossilizer

Ichy is hit by the blaster and is turned into stone

"Ichy!" Paul shouts

Genghis Rex fires his Fossilizer at Paul

Paul is hit by the blaster and is turned into stone

"So long, creatons." Genghis Rex says

Genghis Rex, Ankylo, Terrible Dactyl, and Brachio continue toward the Power Plant leaving Ichy and Paul

Teryx flies in just moments after they leave to find Ichy and Paul fossilized

"Oh no! How horrible! I got to get word to the others before the Tyrannos reach them. It's Paul and Ichy's only
chance. If this snow doesn't stop me first." Teryx says

Having said that, Teryx flys back toward the others


Devon, Sara, Dimetro, Bronto Thunder, and Bonehead were building igloos when they hear something loud approaching

"Do you hear that?" Stego asks

"What is that noise?" Bonehead asks

"It sounds like large trucks coming this way." Sara says

Soon, Teryx arrives

"No. It's the Tyrannos." Teryx lands collapsing on her knees

"Teryx! Are you alright?!" Devon says rushing over to Teryx

"Genghis Rex and his gang. Coming to seize the Power Plant. Paul and Ichy are fossilized." Teryx says

"Oh no! What'll we do?" Stego says

"Out of all the times for Allo and Ryan to be visiting Reptilon." Bronto Thunder says

"And we have no weapons with us." Bonehead says

"Dimetro, you head for the Power Plant. If the Tyrannos damage it, you're the only one who can repair
it." Devon says

"Got it." Dimetro says

"Everyone else, gather round. I have a plan." Devon says


Genghis Rex, Ankylo, Terrible Dactyl, and Brachio continue toward the Power Plan

They soon notice something up ahead

"Look! It's the Dinosaucers! Mow them down!" Genghis Rex says

"Look how scared they are. They've turned white with fear." Ankylo says

What Genghis Rex, Ankylo, Terrible Dactyl, and Brachio saw were actually snow dummies of the Dinosaucers

"That's not fear! It's snow!" Genghis Rex says

"It's a trick!" Terrible Dactyl says

Genghis Rex, Ankylo, Terrible Dactyl, and Brachio try to stop but the snow prevented them from slowing down

Soon, they were forced to jump off their vehicles

The vehicles crash into the dummies and fall off the cliff

Not far away from the Tyrannos, Devon, Teryx and Sara

Sara and Teryx laugh

"I will not be laughed at by mammals or Dinosaucers with feathers! Brachio! Crack open the Power Plant so we
can get the power source!" Genghis Rex says

"Ok bossasaurus." Brachio says and heads toward the Power Plant

"Any idea why the Tyrannos want the Power Plant?" Devon asks

"Sure. You know those Brachiosauruses. Plants are all they eat." Teryx says

Brachio soon reaches the Power Plant and began smashing his weight against the walls

The Power Plant began to shake viciously

Inside was Dimetro

"Oh my! Come in, Sara!"

"What's up, Dimetro?" Sara says

"Brachio's trying to crack open the Power Plant. And it's causing the generator to malfunction." Dimetro says

"Oh no. Is there anyone there?" Sara asks

"No. There's nobody here except-"

Suddenly, the machines inside the Power Plant began to spark

"The Power Plant could explode if this keeps up." Dimetro says

"Can you fix it if we stop Brachio?" Sara asks

"Yes. I have everything I need. Everything but time." Dimetro says

"We'll buy you some time, Dimetro. Sara out."

"You ready to have some one on one with Brachio, Bronto Thunder?" Devon asks

"I've been waiting for a long time to deal with him without all his buddies present." Bronto Thunder says

Bronto Thunder heads down toward Brachio

"Stop!" Bronto Thunder says

Brachio stops his assault on the Power Plant and turns to face Bronto Thunder

Bronto Thunder was standing on thick ice

"Stay away, Bronto Thunder!" Brachio shouts

"No way, Brachio." Bronto Thunder says

"Well then, i'm gonna make you so dinosore that you won't be able to move for a week." Brachio says

"As the mammals say: "I'm rubber, you're glue. So whatever sticks on me, bounces off and sticks on you." Bronto Thunder says

"Prefixes won't help you. Here I come!" Brachio says charging toward Bronto Thunder

As soon as Brachio steps on the ice, he slips and falls on his back

Bronto Thunder just stands there and laughs

"Hey! What the-What's going on?! I can't move!" Brachio says

"That's strange. I have no trouble moving." Bronto Thunder says skating on the ice

"What do you call this slippery earth stuff?!" Brachio asks

Brachio punches on the ice

The ice beneath Brachio cracks and collapses

Brachio falls into the cold water

"I call it Brachiosaurus on ice." Bronto Thunder laughs

"Rex, Bronto Thunder defeated Brachio. Now what do we do?" Ankylo asks

"I fossilize him of course. And then, all the others." Genghis Rex says pulling out his Fossilizer

"Not while Bonehead has bone to pick with you." Bonehead says

"You can't stop me from fossilizing your friend, you Bonehead!" Genghis Rex says

Genghis Rex fires his Fossilizer

The beam misses Bonehead and hits a nearby tree turning it to stone

Bonehead jumps and his skis get caught in the deep snow

"He can't stop you, Rexie. But these earth skis sure can." Stego says

"That would be true if I wasn't the best sharpshooter on Reptilon!" Genghis Rex says

"Well I got some news for you, Rex!" Devon says jumping toward Genghis Rex with his Keyblade

Devon takes his Keyblade and knocks Rex' Fossilizer out of his claws

Stego grabs Rex' Fossilizer

"You're not on Reptilon. And now you're through." Devon says pointing his Keyblade at Genghis Rex

"My word! Genghis Rex and the others are in trouble! I must streak down and save them!" Terrible Dactyl says flying overhead

"Don't bet on it." Teryx says

Teryx throws a snowball at Terrible Dactyl

"What have you done?! I can't see!" Terrible Dactyl says blinded by the snow in his face

"We're far from through, you silly mammal! You fail to account for the power of Terrible Dactyl!" Genghis Rex says

From behind Genghis Rex, Terrible Dactyl crashes into the snow

"You were saying?" Devon says

"The power of Terrible Dactyl. Uh-huh." Sara says

"Oh shut up! You-you furry mammals!" Genghis Rex says

Dimetro rushes toward the group

"Dimetro, is everything alright at the Power Plant?" Devon asks

"I've just enough time. And I repaired the Generator and the Power Plant is safe." Dimetro says

Stego hands Dimetro the Fossilizer

"And Stego is getting poor Brachio out of the lake." Teryx says

"But what about Paul and Ichy? They're still petrified fossils." Bonehead says

"That should be no problem if I can reverse the polarity of Rex' Fossilizer here." Dimetro says

Bronto Thunder arrives with Paul and Ichy still fossilized

"Here's our two fossilized friends. Think you can make them normal again, Dimetro?" Bronto Thunder says

Dimetro makes some adjustments on the Fossilizer

"There. That 'ought to do the trick." Dimetro says

Dimetro fires the Fossilizer on Ichy and Paul

Ichy and Paul were now defossilized

"We're free! You did it, Dimetro!" Ichy says

"Man. I don't ever want to play that version of Freeze Tag ever again." Paul says

"As for you Tyrannos, it's off to jail in the Lava Dome until Allo returns from Reptilon and decides what to do
with you." Dimetro says

"At least we've experienced Earth's strangest weather and won't be caught by anymore surprises." Genghis Rex says

Unfortunately, he spoke to soon

Ice pellets began to fall from the sky onto the group

"Hey! Owch! Owch! What is this stuff?!" Ankylo says

"It's some substance from our skies. Owch." Terrible Dactyl says

"This crazy planet is bombarding us with some sort of ice rocks!" Genghis Rex says

"We call it hail." Sara says

"Whose side is this planet on anyway?" Ichy says

"Mine maybe." Bonehead says unaffected by the weather

"Let's get out of here!" Genghis Rex says

Genghis Rex, Ankylo, Terrible Dactyl, and Brachio all flee

The hail soon stops

"If you guys like winter, wait until you see summer." Paul says

Bronto Thunder takes a snowball and throws it at Paul

"Hey, Paul. Care for a snowball?" Bronto Thunder says

Devon, Sara, Paul, Dimetro, Bronto Thunder, Stego, Bonehead, Ichy, and Teryx all laugh
Devon and the Dinosaucers go on another trip. This time, it turns out to be a Winter trip. With Lord Thanatos regaining his strength and powers from his previous encounter with Devon and the Dinosaucers, Genghis Rex, Ankylo, Brachio, and Terrible Dactyl target a nearby Hydro Electric Plant and plan to use it. But not while Devon and the Dinosaucers have anything to say about that.
xXAMemetic-EngineBXx Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Student General Artist
Hey! No Lord Thanatos in this one and that means good news for Devon, he needs some time to regain from their fight at New York City, and I mean Devon and not Lord Thanatos. ;P
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